Sync training peaks and zwift

Hey @markgronemeyer this is how you sync your Trainingpeaks to zwift.

Here is also a helpful forum thread: Exporting Your FasCat Training Plan to Zwift (its so easy) w/ video Demo - #11 by Jake

Once you do that, relaunch your zwift app and the workout you have scheduled each day in trainingpeaks (but not future ones) will be in your workouts under “custom workouts.”

To turn erg mode on and off, you can choose to do it for an entire workout by choosing it before starting the workout (see image below)
Or you can turn it on/off during your workout by hovering your mouse over the bottom of your workout screen on your computer (see image below)

If your previous workouts do not upload into trainingpeaks, then you can log into your zwift account at and then go to your activity feed and click on the workout. Then you will download the fit file and manually upload that into the day you did it in your trainingpeaks. Here is a screenshot of how to do that on zwifts website:

Once you have all that set up and loaded in, you can set your power zones using that FTP test by following these instructions:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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