Cyclocross Training Mega Thread

Questions about CX? Ask us anything in this thread.

I’ve got a question for in season cx. Every year I do find I need to rebuild about halfway in the season. What would be a good sweet spot plan to use during rebuild in the middle of cx season? I’m curious because they are all 6 week plans generally and for mid season, 6 weeks is a lot of time?

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That is a tricky ask and really a custom solution so we didn’t include any in season builds into our plans. For our plans your best best is to build as much as possible pre-season and then concentrate on intervals & recovery & race training once the season gets in the way. Our “Peak for Nationals” plan does have a 4 day Thanksgiving build in it.

You would also be a good candidate for our Memberships once we roll them out in a few weeks bc they will include training plan revisions in TrainingPeaks on an individual basis for such things like a mid season sweet spot build

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Im currently on your plans through the summer up to cx season now, but what is the membership? Sorry I know this is kinda off topic of the cx forum

Look for details in a few weeks. Its an add on to your plan, for a $29/month subscription you will be able to have a coach revise your training plan in training peaks per this questions you asked. Plus power data review