Cyclocross Training Mega Thread

Questions about CX? Ask us anything in this thread.

I’ve got a question for in season cx. Every year I do find I need to rebuild about halfway in the season. What would be a good sweet spot plan to use during rebuild in the middle of cx season? I’m curious because they are all 6 week plans generally and for mid season, 6 weeks is a lot of time?

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That is a tricky ask and really a custom solution so we didn’t include any in season builds into our plans. For our plans your best best is to build as much as possible pre-season and then concentrate on intervals & recovery & race training once the season gets in the way. Our “Peak for Nationals” plan does have a 4 day Thanksgiving build in it.

You would also be a good candidate for our Memberships once we roll them out in a few weeks bc they will include training plan revisions in TrainingPeaks on an individual basis for such things like a mid season sweet spot build


Im currently on your plans through the summer up to cx season now, but what is the membership? Sorry I know this is kinda off topic of the cx forum

Look for details in a few weeks. Its an add on to your plan, for a $29/month subscription you will be able to have a coach revise your training plan in training peaks per this questions you asked. Plus power data review


I got another question: so just finishing up cx summer plan and was about to move into the cx interval plan. I started to wonder about the 6 weeks till cx plan and how it differs from the cx interval plan, and if that might be better. First big target is Jingle Cross which plan leads right into that. Also, I noticed no run wkts in the interval plan. Shouldnt I continue to keep doing the run wkts, or no?

Hup Hup @larsonvelo : : Do the Six Week TILL Cyclocross because we’ve designed it specifically for the 6 weeks of training leading into your first race/season. Once you get into the season your training needs change and then you want to do the cyclocross intervals plan.

It has plyometrics, cx running workouts, strength and conditioning and the SKILLS work you need to do BEFORE the season starts.

Once the season starts THEN you move into cyclocross intervals and there we cut down on the running because you are getting your run training from the racing and mock races, workouts and the Wednesday World’s if you have them. The plan also takes out the plyo’s because its too much stress to do plyo’s ‘and’ have fresh legs for racing.

There’s a big diff and we’ve said all along here is the order of progression:

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@FRANK @Brandon… I’m starting up for CX season this week after some time off (late I know) — should I do six weeks of SweetSpot then six weeks of CX intervals before competing?

Or just six weeks of intervals then start racing?

What’s the opinion here?

Hi Ian - you gotta do the Six Weeks till CX plan no matter where you are at because its the training you need to be doing six weeks leading into the cx season.

After you complete your six weeks till cx plan - then do your cx intervals plan :muscle:

Thank you @FRANK, I have seen you post this few times in places. In the past I skipped the six weeks till cx, which was my mistake. Thank you again for the help!

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I have a question about FTP test in the “6 weeks to CX” plan. In your article on FTP test you mention some people make power easier on hill climbs. I am one of those. I did my previous test during the Off Season for CX plan on an approx 4% hill, in the desert in the spring. It’s a nearly 2 hour drive and hot now. I am thinking of doing my test in one of three places:

  1. a flat 4 mile island loop w/ no stop signs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the result is no higher than my previous test 12 weeks ago in the hills, due to my 6’/ 145 pound climber physique. Would this location be more meaningful for a CX course profile? It has a nice place to warmup and is close to home.

  2. A 4%, 4 mile+ hill segment, from elevation 4000’ to over 5000’. My CX races this year are at sea level and I live at sea level. How much can elevation affect the FTP test. You guys are at 5000’+, when you go to sea level do you add a % to your Zones, or when you go higher do you subtract?

  3. A 4%, 4 mile hill segment, that is not at elevation, but has a less steady grade than option #2. 37% of the time *, it is at grades between 6 and 10%, mostly towards the top. It isn’t my favorite kind of steady climb, but it isn’t at elevation, and it’s fairly close to home.

I’d really appreciate your input! I’m stoked on the 6 week till CX plan, my 2nd training plan from you! I’m digging FtFP. Your suggestions on when to move to this plan were Spot On.

Thank you!

  • Stats on % of time at grade come from Stravistics app

How is everyone getting on with their re-mounts? I have been diligently doing these once a week since last season and I’m STILL not getting it!

I lowered my saddle a bit but I’m still struggling to “jump” onto it. I’ve done it a couple of times by accident but I can’t repeat it!

I have improved over flat ground (slightly downhill!) because the bike is rolling but I know mid-end season there will be no roll as it will be too muddy.

I’ve watched the videos but it’s still not happening for me. AARGH! This definitely loses me places come race day.

Any further tips/advice?! TIA!

Are there any training groups or training races around Boulder? I was thinking that it would be great to train with other people especially for the mock course sessions in the 6 weeks till cross plan. The B2B races in Golden start so late this year.

@FRANK @Jackson and I need to do a video on this, but this is one of the better videos I have seen:

The key is to start slow (walking pace), swing your right leg over the saddle so your upper, inner thigh is on the saddle, then push off the ground with the left foot. As this happens, slide your butt more squarely on to the a saddle and reach for the right pedal with your right foot. As you master this slow speed remount, then you can up the pace. Hope to have a video coming soon!

There used to be a group that would meet at Valmont Bike Park at 7am on Wednesdays. Let me ask around and see if that is still happening.!


I’ve tried every which way! I can now do it with one hop (rather than several) but there’s no real jump. I’ve even lowered the saddle so that’s not getting in the way.
I think I might get someone to film me.

Don’t lower your saddle. That needs to stay for proper fit. All I can say is start slow and practice, practice, practice. Eventually you will lose the hop!

Also with both hands on the hoods and you walking and rolling your bike simply swing a leg over your saddle to get on.

Now do this from walking beside your bike without breaking stride. Repeat this 25 times. 25.

Then gradually increase from a walk to a faster walk and then to a run. The art is the jump and committing to the ‘air’ it takes to get back on the bike.

Re-read this training tip, go thru the 11 picture sequence and especially the “Stop Stuttering” Paragraph :slight_smile:

As a side note - are ppl generally riding with their saddle lower than road bike? If it’s the same as my road bike I can’t touch the floor so I take it down a bit.

Hey FasCat coaches,

In the spirit of STFP, I have a question regarding the 6 weeks to cross training plan. I’m a Cat 2 in CX and am in Week 2 of the 6 wks to cross advanced plan. Where I’m located we have Tuesday night CX worlds and I’m wondering which workout I can swap in the plan for a CX worlds type workout. We do 6-minute intervals on a mock course, usually all out for those 6 minutes and guys will repeat this up to around 8 or so times. Additionally, should I do all of the intervals I can or should I stop once I’m at a certain TSS?

Thanks, JV.