Cyclocross Plan Sequencing

Hi all, I’m 18 weeks from the (scheduled) start of the statewide cyclocross series, and starting the CX Sweet Spot plan tomorrow. Planning to purchase 6 Weeks to CX and the CX Interval Plan on the Father’s Day Sale so I can set up my schedule. 2 main questions:

  • There may be a smaller local series that starts up in September (right about 12 weeks from now), and it looks like the CX Interval plans is built to have races on the schedule. Should I do 6 Weeks to Cross first, then CX Intervals as the early season begins? The promoter of that series hasn’t comitted yet, because of all this, but is hoping to at least host a CX time trial series of some sort.

  • Do I need to schedule in any extra rest or move the rest weeks around, or does the rest built into the plans already expect you to be doing the 3 plans in sequence?

Yes , like this:

you can do these plans sequential in order - no additional editing or rest days necessary. CX training and these plans already have the ‘fresher is faster’ built in :muscle:

G’luck with your season - I think the CX TT is going to be a thing

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I’m gonna piggyback off your thread @joshvc ! I just finished the CX Sweet Spot plan and the announced start of our CX season in Georgia is Oct 3… A little later than the traditional mid Sept. start.

So question for the coaches. What is the recommended next plan for where I am now? It’s definitely more than 6 weeks out from cross season right now so I imagine that I would want to wait on the six weeks to cx plan.

Yes, so the sequence is the same - its the timing that has changed.

However if you are gunning for Nationals you want to save room to do that plan and there stay on your timing for Nationals not necessarily Oct. 3rd. Kinda depends and could go either way depending on your top goals -

Thanks for the response Frank! So, just to clarify, go ahead with the 6 weeks to cx now then the cyclocross intervals after that? This is my first year shooting for a serious cyclocross season so no nationals for me (probably) but next year I’ll be on that plan!

Correct - keep the sequence. I would hold off on starting the six weeks till cyclocross plan until August 1st. Do more of the sweet spot cx plan until then :muscle: