Cyclocross Training Mega Thread

Hi @jazzwolfcx - we are big fans of Wednesday Worlds but it sounds like you have Tuesday Night Thunder :rofl: Do it!

So that is your workout for Tuesday - the mock 1 lap races, etc… AND that replaces your Thursday workout [Day 11]. This can be your new amended #FtFP since you have your TNT [Tuesday Night Thunders]

keep the 30/30’s on Wednesdays and move the Day 9 Standing Starts to Thursday. That will be a VERY hard 3 day block but presumably you are a young :deer: and can recover to survive the 3 days.

If you notice your legs feeling like garbage Wednesday or Thursday your TNT is the culprit and you’ll want to make some changes.

Good luck and put the :hammer: down!

Thoughts on replacing the Wednesday CX 30/30, 1:30 long WO with a 1 hour MTB Wednesday worlds race this week, riding to and from the race for a total of 2:30 ride time.

MTB Worlds is not 'cross so different case than the poster above. The 30/30’s will make you faster for your 'cross season. Also riding longer does not help you at this point of the season an will only tire you out for FtFP’ing. Those are my initial thoughts…

MTB Short Track is close but I’d have to discuss the pro’s/cons with you to say any further. By and large this is where FtFP comes in , sorry!

What are some gear suggestions for single speed CX? I’m currently running 36 front and 16 rear but I’m finding that it may be too big. So trying to figure out what others are riding with and I can make adjustments from there.

Fortunately Wednesday CX worlds starts next week! I will be FtFPing today.

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Seat height should be the same for all bikes!

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Truer words hath never been spoken! Like #FtFP :wink:

I am currently in the 6 weeks till CX plan, and was planning to jump to the CX Race and Recover plan after that. I purchased the race and recover plan last year thinking it was the next plan to start after the 6 weeks plan. In the larger thread, it looks like CX intervals is the next plan in the progression, not CX race and recover. I only have a gap of 3-4 weeks to fill during the season that ends in late November (Minnesota) and wondering what I should do. Any advice?

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Correct , here is the progression:

My advice is to do 3-4 weeks of the cyclocross intervals plan before you move onto the cyclocross in season

Hey Frank/Brandon, I bought the CX season plan and I noticed that the races are on Saturdays in the plans. Sadly, all but 1 of my races will be on Sundays. What is the best way to move the days around to fit this?
Thanks, Taylor!

Okay @taylor.mac.jones - you can easily edit your plan like this:

So that means openers Saturday and rest day Friday. Move the workout from Sunday back to Thursday and adjust the duration to the amount of time you have. Presto poof!:white_check_mark::trophy:

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@FRANK @Brandon I am on the 6weeks to CX advanced plan. How close should my weekday rides with skills be to the TSS planned in the workout?

For example, on my first Wednesday worlds I came home with a 45 TSS vs the 90 planned on the workout. I rode my brains out but there was lots cornering where there was no pedaling. I am experiencing a similar result with other skill based workouts. Should I do anything differently to meet the TSS goals?