Six weeks to sweet spot part 1 update

Just finished week 3 of the plan and going great (I think) so far. I’m on the intermediate plan and adding some extra EM since I am off of work. Averaging ~13 hrs of training a week and CTL has gone up from 83 to 91. Looking forward to the rest week coming up.

First question - does this seem like typical response/progression?

Targeting CX in the fall and will do some road/crit races sprinkled throughout the summer as a tune up. Current plan ends 2/2 so I’ll probably get part 2 and part 3 (in retrospect should have gotten the 18 weeks SS plan from the get go). I see there is a 6 weeks CX Summer SS which makes me wonder if I’m way ahead of the game.

Second question - should I continue on with 12 more weeks of SS and build as big an engine as possible or will that be overkill?

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Hi @jamesstevens - you are ahead of schedule for the cyclocross season. Have you lifted weights? There is still time in relation to timing your form for this Fall.

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Thanks @FRANK for the insights. I will complete this plan and then target mid-February for that plan.

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