Condensed CX season with minimal prep

I was super stoked coming into the summer season with Covid on the decline, but it never came to be up here in Ontario, Canada bc of extended restrictions. Although motivation was high, I broke a hand in May, followed by a new “regional” job in July and finally some busted ribs in late August (damn mtb).

We have a condensed 6 week CX calendar starting in a few weeks and I’d like to give it a go. I’m sitting on a CTL of 70, so not terrible, but not as high as I’d like. I would like to be best prepared for our Provincial championships on October 31, so basically 6 weeks. Any recommendations on a plan?

I’ve got all of your CX plans btw :slight_smile:

Well the good thing is a 70 CTL is not terrible and CTL does not win races. I would recommend you do our 6 week to cyclocross nationals plan. Basically just setting you up for a peak in 6 weeks.

Of course if you wanted to go the more complicated route I would almost recommend doing two weeks of summer sweet spot cx and put in a bit of extra riding to build your CTL. Then take a rest week. Then do 3 weeks of interval training with our cyclocross interval plan. The week of the race would be just basically a regeneration week with a day off two days out and race openers the day before. That could also be a good option but a lot moving parts there.


Thanks Jake! Think I’ll plan on putting in a big weekend and then just start the 6 weeks to Peaks program on Monday. Only follow up question I have is the plan is based around Saturday racing and all of ours here in Ontario are on Sundays. Where would it be best to place the longer Sunday endurance work?

I would say Tuesday and Wednesday you could add some zone 2 riding in after the intervals. Can add 30 - 60 minutes. Wednesday would work as the longer day. Or another possibility is adding in 1 - 2 hours of zone 2 riding after the race.