COVID-19 Training: Intervals or More Base?

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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade as the saying goes. With the cycling season put on hold until likely late May at the earliest, there’s now plenty of time to get fast despite the current circumstances. Depending on your life situation, whether you have less time to train because of stress and caring for the family vs. more time now that you’re working from home, we’re offering a couple different options for getting the most out of your training over the next 4-6 weeks. We’ve even created a Corona Training Plan, (which is free with discount code #FtFP at checkout) to help you follow the plan. But this conversation extends beyond a global pandemic affecting our training and racing, lots of things can impact our consistency, such as weather, races being cancelled for a variety of reasons, or even just “life stuff”.

We discuss the differences between indoor and outdoor training plans, the specifics of the Corona and Sweet Spot plans, and even throw in some tips on keeping up the Winning in the Kitchen habit during quarantine 😉

The Corona Style of Training uses a ‘fresher is faster’ training plan design model – the traditional low volume. high intensity approach. Other key features are:
  • the 3 > 4 > 5 VO2 Progression (see below)
  • AmEX Rides
  • Using your power data from a 2 x 10 workout to pace yourself properly for a 20 minute field test
  • why we use heart rate during the prescribed Zone 2 rides

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So I tried to use the promo code but it didn’t take any off the price in the checkout.

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Weird! Did you use the “#”?


Yes, just copy/pasted the Promo code in. I’ll try again.

Question though, I am currently doing the intermediate crit plan. They don’t really look that different.

Would it be ok to stack the Corona plan with the crit plan for a long build?

There are VERY different - I would recommend NOT doing two plans at once. Its all in the details - you should take a close look at the Corona - so So SO different than the crit plan.

Ok. I’ll check it out.

By stack I meant do the Corona plan then go back to the Crit plan once racing starts back.


Thanks for the COVID training plan.

My email address for my Fascat account is different from my email in TrainingPeaks. Should I “Place order” as a new customer with my TP email?

I have had trouble in the past and TP had to do behind the scenes stuff to direct the plans to my TP account.

Thanks again.

Purchase with your TrainingPeaks account. Otherwise the plan will not be able to be sent to you.

Thanks, @Jake, what I suspected.

Take care and stay safe. To you, all the Fascat crew and athletes.

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Hmmm, when I click on Place order, it says “We were unable to process your order, please try again.”
All the requires fields are filled in.

Problem solved.

Thanks again everyone at Fascat.

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Hello there. First of all. Thanks much for putting this out there. I ordered yesterday and it shows in PROCESSING status. Just seeing if I need to do anything to get it over to my TP calendar? Here’s to a great day.

@sociajm I just pushed that plan out to you again. You will receive an email from Trainingpeaks with an acceptance link.

From there follow the steps listed here : Steps to Using Your FasCat Training Plan

Got it. Much appreciated.

Obviously we don’t know when we are racing again. I noticed on the plan it has a weekly decline in CTL . Would you not worry about that? Or should we add a little to keep maintain at a minimum level? Usually I get up to 80-90 during season. Had a lot of “life” stuff in front of me during my early season training which prevented me from a lot of time on the trainer but was still getting intensity/intervals in as a result my CTL was a little lower than last year. 50 going into two weeks ago. A decline since.

Here’s to a great one. Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy.

This plan fits those who have been doing base for a while and gives them a good chance at doing some full gas intensity. Many are busy at home with work, family, kids, e-learning so its more about getting on the bike doing the work and getting on with life. Also assuming some will be riding mostly indoors so they are shorter rides.

But also the really key aspect of this plan is the ability to go harder by being more rested going into workouts. Getting the most out of the intensity and resting. Vo2 max efforts can also be a good way to increase your FTP and with going into each workout fresher you should be able to go harder.

Once you finish this plan is when you would either go onto building more base and Ctl or a race specific plan. The plan is only 4 weeks long so by that time you may have a better idea of what your season might be, when it would start and what exact plan you would want to do moving forward.


Thanks, as always, Jake. Hope all is well.


Stay safe and healthy Jeff and Melissa!