First ever FasCat plan!

Hi all! I’m looking to get started w/FasCat plans. I’ve been training with a power meter for about a year and have done two cycles of a “time crunched” plan that focused mostly on intervals. I was a bike commuter, but now with WFH have more ability to do structured workouts. I don’t have specific races in mind given the corona situation. I’d say generally I’m more interested in shorter race types like crits than in any of the big one day rides. I’m mostly looking to go faster on the bike so I can go farther on my rides, and because I like to go fast.

Leaning towards the 18 weeks of sweet spot since I’m not really prepping for a race and mostly trying to build up fitness/power as I’m pretty new to actually training on the bike.

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Hey Ben!

Our 18 week sweet spot plan is a great place to start. It will build your general fitness level up and increase your power.

With fall right around the corner I would recommend our 32 week off season plan. Here you will have our 3 week fall foundation plan, 10 week strength resistance training and then the 18 week sweet spot plan. This plan will take you from fall, through winter and into the spring!

Once you finish the offseason plan or the 18 week sweet spot plan we recommend you do one of our interval plans. Based on what you are looking to do you could do our sweet spot 4 plan and than our criterium interval plan. We call this our base to race plan.

Super Helpful thank you!