FREE Corona Indoor Plan - use '#FtFP" at checkout

FasCat Nation (and world) - we want to help you with your training during the Corona Quarantines. We have designed a FREE 4 week VO2 Indoor Training Plan for you to keep and improve your power during this challenging time.

If you are unable to ride outside and want to work hard by doing our “3 > 4 > 5” VO2 progression this plan is for you.

Coaches @Isaiah, @Jake and I just finished designed it this morning. It is 4 weeks only. Here is a 2 week example calendar and the link to buy (use '#FtFP for 50% off):

This plan uses a ‘fresher is faster’ approach that strategically works within our mantra of ‘an hour a day’. If you are fit from before, willing to work hard and will be racing by May/June-ish :crossed_fingers:get on this plan. See the example 2 week calendar for what you will and won’t be doing. No long rides, no mind numbing trainer sessions: get on the bike, slay some watts and get off – get on with life. It’s crazy right now!

This plan is going to lead you thru the FTP increasing “3 > 4 > 5” VO2 progression each Wednesday. TSS Rides on Thursdays and creative Zwifting for your ‘long Saturday’ ride. Monday/Friday off and Tuesdays are super short to set you up to slay watts Wednesday. Sunday is an athlete’s choice ‘endurance day’ for you to do what you can in the context of your mental state!


Hey Frank you may already know this but that link gives a ‘page not found’ error. Same error if you start at and click on the Corona plan.

double check again now and let us know if its not working, thanks!

working now, thanks! Next one for ya… the post title says free, but if I add to cart it shows $98 - $49 #ftfp coupon = $49.

edit: just noticed it auto-populated Quantity 2, so if I reduce to Quantity 1 then the cart shows $0.


Glad you got it working - now FtFP!

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Frank, my plan was To start the gravel plan next week to finish for BWR, then DK200. With the BWR being moved would you suggest moving the gravel plan out to 6 weeks prior to DK?

I am finishing SS this week, would you recommend repeating part of that or doing this Corona Indoor plan? The majority of my rides will be indoors but can escape from time to time.

I just read the other thread, I have the time so I will redo SS Part 3 prior to starting the Gravel Plan.

For the DK - use our gravel plan for the 6 weeks prior to that. That leaves 5 weeks in question, I think.

Sweet Spot Part 3 is awesome - but you have to ask yourself - can I do this indoors - including the all important LONG rides.? What is my training like with the closures, no group rides, what’s my time frame like? I can’t answer that for you . . .

but I can suggest either sweet spot part 3 (if you can do it all) or the Corona plan if life forces you to take a different training approach.

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I can do all of this, but group rides for the time being will be solo rides.

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Thanks so much for providing this free Plan! I mistakenly signed up with the wrong email I use for TPeaks so I was wondering if you could resend me the plan to “

Thanks again!
Eric B.

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Thanks for the plan Fascat.

As I’m only starting on base training this year (my target is cx season in September) would it be worth using this plan to provide a bit of variety whilst stuck indoors for weeks or months, or better to just go with my original plan of 18 weeks sweet spot?

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Since you are racing cross best to stick with base and the 18 week sweet spot right now. This is Vo2 max efforts and would be tough to do coming from an offseason.

Hey guys. I went in to try to pick up this plan and it is now showing only a 50% discount when I use the code. Did you change something?

Hi @mark.w.babcock - yea, the deal all along was free for a week.

Rather than take it back to 100% I decided to only back up to 50% which is an incredible value, imo.

I started the Corona plan this week and have been enjoying it so far. I’m wondering if I could ride more. I find that I usually ride around 16hrs/ week. This plan recommends riding around 1/3 of that. Now that I have more time to ride (not to mention the mental health benefits of riding right now) could I ride more, and still FTFP?

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For sure @brooxpulford but be careful that you are able to recover enough to make the Watts for your 3>4>5 minute VO2 progression.

Do not ride more on Tuesday’s - FtFP.

If you have time to ride more you’d also benefit greatly from our sweet spot plans

I’ll be doing the 5 min vo2s tomorrow, and the warmup is only 5 min on the workout builder. Could I warm up a little longer or is there an objective for such a short warmup?
(Dont really feel like going full gas right away :roll_eyes:)

You can warm up longer. I would recommend you warm up longer. You could try some high cadence for 4 x 1 minute @ 100 + rpm with 1 minute between just zone 2 / 3 to help get the blood flowing. Don’t want to stress the muscles, but definitely want to open up.

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I’ve tried to get the free program using the promo code. Even when I correct it for quantity of 1, cart still says 2 items in cart, price $49.00.
Would love to try program. People told me great they got great results from using your training programs.

Hi @sharon.triangletrain - thanks for your interest. The promo for the FREE plan expired April 1st. It is now 50% off if you use #FtFP.

Be sure to adjust the # of items in your cart to be just one so that it is only $24.50

Thanks and have fun FtFP’ing!