Which training plan if not corona

Looking for any advice on training plans. I had purchased the intermediate base plan that I started in. Late November and followed to a t until about the beginning of February, where travel really picked up for work and halted my cycling training. Since the rise of COVID19 travel has stopped and I’ve been home for about two weeks. My first big race would likely be in mid July. Cycling is my primary focus although I throw in about 2-3 runs a week just for fun and to keep in running shape in case I want to jump in a 5k or 10k race.

Any advice on which plan I should do?

Hello @amandalacertosa - yes so in your case we recommend sweet spot parts 1 & 3 and then a 6 week race specific plan for the six weeks prior to your July race.

Sweet Spot part 1 - to ease you back back
skip part 2 due to time constraints
then sweet spot 3 to really ramp up
then hill climbing intervals (for example) for an event in July that has a lot of climbing

Hope tat helps and g’luck!