Finishing Corona Plan, what next

Can you give me a suggestion for a plan to move to next? Next week I will be done with the corona plan, did 20 min test today and had success. Wanting to increase my FTP. Fairly similar time commitment. No races planned. Thanks for any suggestions.

Ben Johnson

Hi @ben.johnson - how’s your base (CTL)?

Get into our sweet spot plan(s) here bc they build base and raise your FTP + you just got done with a heap of intervals!

Thanks for the reply. CTL is umm, modest at best. 29 right now -composed almost entirely of Corona efforts. I appreciate the guidance.

For sure sweet spot to raise your CTL from 29 - 70-80-90’s. You could benefit from the whole 18 weeks.

I know its in the forum some where but I can’t find it:
Should I repeat the field test at the beginning of the Sweet Spot ? I did the one at the end of Corona Plan. It would be slightly over 2 weeks in between field tests.

Its your call but I don’t think so. 2 weeks is a short period of time to measure a significant improvement worthy of testing. You could do a 3 x 10 sweet spot workout instead