Can I Modify My Training Plan to Work Around the ZRL Season 2>

Wasn’t sure where to post this. I want to start one of my many training plans, but I was wondering if there is a to work around the upcoming Zwift Racing League Season 2. I was either thinking of doing my Indoor / Outdoor Plan or just hitting Sweet Spot 1. I am not worried about peaking for these races, however I don’t want to skip the Tuesday workout. Do you suggest using the race as the workout or move the workouts around on the TrainingPeaks calendar? Hope my questions made sense.


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The editing features in TrainingPeaks are as simple as left click drag and drop as well as highlight weeks ‘cut’ > ‘paste’

As far as ‘racing’ goes - that is not FtFP’ing. Right now is your base phase and with the goal to spend the most time as possible between zone 2 - sweet spot. Not zones 4,5,&6 as you will if you Zwift race.

Save the Zwift racing for when your plan calls for a hard group ride (“attack-esque”) or a training race. Until then use Zwift to do your sweet spot group rides and long TSS rides.

Coach @Jake an I podcasted about it here (no racing)

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