Whats next after finishing Field test

Finished my first ever FT 20min. It was fun. I guess my question is what do I do to figure out the results that came out of it. I have tried to understand how to import it from Zwift to training peaks etc. and how that play with the next rides/workout on the training plan


Nice! Congrats on getting it done.

Once your zwift account is synced to your TP account (on the zwift side) it will automatically push those files over. To retroactively do so I would look around on zwift but you can normally do that through your account on zwift in their website not the app.

Go ahead and read up on a few training tips we have for you that I think will help you understand how to get your training zones set up and what they will do for you.

From there you can export your workouts and get to #FTFP

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thanks…let me check it out and follow up if I have an more questions

Did your 20 minute power go up ?!

As far as what’s next - as in what plan - what are you training for?

Timing is Everything and if you are getting close to your season like a lot of others are you will benefit the most from doing some intervals!

See the ones here and choose the style of racing you are competing in:

I thought it went well. need done a challenge as such since I am newer into this. Is there ways for you to look at the data I have so far from riding this week and help me understand what all those numbers mean? and also looking if I have set my limits i.e sweet spot correctly?

Also tommorow I am scheduled to to a 2 hour group ride but we have snow. How can I supplement that on a trainer (I dont see how I can do 2 hours on a trainer)

That falls into the category of coaching. Another option however is the coaching subscription. This can be the once every 4 week power review if you desire and get that feedback you’d like.

Try to mix in some tempo (zone 3) and sweet spot efforts during your zone 2. This will help increase the TSS for a shorter indoor trainer ride. Can mix in these intervals at durations of 8-20 minutes.