Zwift training plan 2 Questions

I cannot find the “temp” folder in the windows – Zwift – program file to drop in the workout ?

*Is there a way to drop in the entire plan to Zwift or do I need to do (1) workout at a time ?

Replies are appreciatted

Watch this video @agboett

takes all but 2-3 minutes - enjoy!

Unfortunately – this is not working

I’ve followed these instructions – Logged into Zwift after the plan was uploaded onto Training Peaks and the workouts do not show up in Zwift

I’ve also “disconnected” training peaks & re-allowed / reconnected Zwift to Training Peaks without success

No workouts ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


It always works for me. There must be a workout scheduled for the day in question, and it must be an actual workout rather than just an instruction to ride your bike (e.g. TSS group ride). If those criteria are met, it should be sitting in a TrainingPeaks folder on Zwift.

This works fine for me too.

Nope – Rebooted – Reconnected – No training plan workouts – activities upload just fine to Training Peaks ??

Only workouts scheduled for that day on your TP calendar will show up in Zwift. You will not see all the workouts for your plan all at once. Your TSS rides, even though they are on your TP calendar, will not appear as workout in Zwift

I appreciatte the reply – according to the video at the top of this thread I should see all the workouts ?

I only see what’s on my TP calendar for that day

Nope, just that days workout will show.