Adding track workout to 16wk SS intermediate

Me: 43yo male, 30 years racing bikes, full time professional job, kids, etc. Just started the 16wk SS intermediate plan this week. I went through the plan on TP and like the progression…excited to get on with it. I’m lucky to have an indoor velodrome near me and really like training on the track. It’s close to my office and can typically get there when they open so I’m usually the only one there. Last year in the off season I did a lot of extended aerobic intervals there (8m, 10m, etc.) and some shorter stuff when the snow melted before moving primarily outdoors.

Short story long - I’d like to incorporate track days into my SS plan. I believe most all weeks have Friday off (Friday is the best day for me to hit the track) and perhaps Monday. What would be the most optimal way to incorporate the track? I figure I could move a workout or add a Friday track day. Thoughts?



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First best thing to do is #FtFP that is your best option.

I had guys do track rides last year while completing aerobic work on the track. We moved workouts to days he could ride at the track.

You need to have your off days as off. I can not stress that enough. Can’t ride on off days. You won’t get better. If you do a ride on the track pick the workout that best simulates what you are able to do at the track. If you have to ride the track Friday take Thursday’s off but know you will probably have three hard days in a row with workouts Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So recovery will be important.

Yea awesome @Ryan_B - that’s awesome. We had an indoor track in Boulder awhile ago but it was a 200m and laps only took 8seconds (!) so 10 minutes seemed like an enternity. Plus I felt like I was going to crash at any moment!

Joking aside - coach Jake is right - just follow your plan on the track. Adopt the workouts for the track and so forth. Avoid anaerobic before you first build up your base with your training plan. THENNNNNN hit it with the anaerobic work and the track is money for that.

Good luck!

@Jake - gotcha. I’ll adapt my SS workouts to the track and aim to do them on the days assigned.

@FRANK - I’m in the metro Detroit area. Our track is 166m with 50 degree banking in the turns. Its bonkers. Imagine racing your bike around the inside of a salad bowl. Some people get up on the boards and don’t come back.

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Hey Ryan,

My athlete is Dean and he was doing workouts on the track in Detroit. It’s a great resource. Super short track and steep! But with the right gears, motivation and ability to not get dizzy you’ll be all set!

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