Rollers or Track for Training Variety?

Hi Sean,

First of all at the base of your questions watts are watts. So regardless if indoors, outdoors, rollers or track as long as you can following the plan you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Being in Detroit is tough with the winter weather, but hopefully it’s not a long winter and you can get some time outside. You’ll want to prepare for some tougher conditions that may occur come Barry Roubaix in April by riding outdoors.

As far as the track goes you can absolutely incorporate that into your training. That actually has been discussed on the forum over here:

Personally I only use rollers. I have TruTrainer Rollers. They do have a fly wheel so you get more resistance than a typical old school roller. I just find it to be more like riding a bike as opposed to fixed position. A enjoy the little movement. As long as you can hit your target power or heart rate it is all good. Is there a benefit, probably not, but it does help with balance and focus.