I think I may have bought the wrong level of Training Plan

Hello, I just purchased a training plan, Gravel In-Season Intermediate Flat. I had thought I had done the correct research for the plan and decided I needed the intermediate plan based on my fitness and weekly volume, but I think I made a mistake. I haven’t started the plan yet because my race isn’t until the end of September but I was planning on this TP being a substantial build leading up to this second event. I noticed that just doing the riding I’ve been doing I’m already doing more weekly TSS than the training plan prescribes. I’m wondering if you could give some advice on bumping up the weekly TSS since I know you probably can’t just trade the plans. Thanks!

Hi @carsonfrench - we can swap the intermediate for the advanced if you would like?

A lot of athletes see 8-12 hours and think “that’s not enough” but I think if you are over 45 years old, it absolutely is ‘just right’. How old are you?

Also - if you can post a picture of your PMC chart with where your CTL is now and where the plan projects you to go, that would help to.

Hey @FRANK, it would be great if you could swap it out.

I can’t seem to get my snipping tool to save my screenshots so I’ll just list my numbers below.
Last week: Fit:65 Fat:93 Form: -15
First Week of Plan:Fit:46 Fat:61 Form: 5
Last Week of Plan: Fit:56 Fat:42 Form: 8

Also I’m 19 almost 20.

FYI The drop in Fitness is because I don’t have nay planned workouts between now and the start of the training plan.

If you are that young you can handle a higher training load if you have 12-16 hours to train. Will send you the advanced plan. Good luck with your training!

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You’re the man! I’ll definitely be writing y’all a positive review. Thanks!