Chomping at the bit

Wonder any chance of letting me off the leash for a few weekend rides to see what I can do on the local segments. Got a few PRs last weekend but I wasn’t even going full gas/holding myself back to comply with SS.

Looking like you will need another training plan starting next week. You are finishing up the SS4 plan this week.

I would recommend you doing our Strava training plan! This would allow you to go for those PRs on the weekends! Great way to build some fitness and have some fun though the fall!

We would put in a rest week for you next week and then you should start the Strava plan on September 21st.

Till then feel free to do some Strava Segments this Saturday during your sweet spot ride. We could also put some short efforts in during your rest week which could be used as strava segments.

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Great. Will this squeeze me for time if I’m gonna do weights winter plan and racing Ints before race in March you think?

Jake sort I didn’t continue using thread. Silly me.

No you should be ok. You could honesty just do the first 4 weeks of the 6 week plan. So you have 4 weekends to go for these Strava PRs and such. Then you still have 22 weeks till the first week of March. 1 week off season break, 10 weeks of strength, and 11 weeks of sweet spot training. Plenty before early season racing.

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Yeah taking next week off for bit of chilling

Jake, over reached yesterday on my tss ride and feeling whacked today. Followed up on a few Strava segments but didn’t stick to SS.
TSS worked out at 327 for nearly 5 hours.
Last day of plan today and tsb is -25 so may not do final session.
Gonna look again at Strava plan and others. Any other suggestions welcome.

Oh and if you can please throw in those few workouts for my rest week this week.

I put rest week this week for you. Its going to be up to you to get a plan and put in for the next training cycle. Like I mentioned before I would recommend the Strava Plan to start as that sounds like what you want to do.

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Yes I’m going with your advice…just waiting on discount code for Strava Plan after leaving review for ss4.
See you put in a few workouts for the week- excellent !
thank you.

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Thanks for leaving a review @efty19 and congrats on that 16% improvement in your FTP! That is HUGE :raised_hands:t3:.
Way to #FtFP like a champ!


No panic but Strava plan I bought yesterday hasn’t come through yet.

Sorry about that delay Frank, I just sent it your way!
Can’t wait to hear about those :crown:’s you snag!

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Sorted thank you @Lacey_Rivette

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Need to do some shopping for my resistance/strength training. What should be on my list?

As far as training plans go or products to buy to use with our strength training recommendations?

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@Lacey_Rivette @Jake yes I’m thinking along product lines. Have bought the winter plan but figure if gyms are closed I need to do some shopping. I also think I may take a 2 week winter break after I finish my newly started Strava plan.

I say take that break and use it to devise a killer at home gym set up!

A squat rack, bar and weights is a must, for sure! Kettlebells and a VIPR tube (5-6kg) for the functional strength. A box jump would be ideal too :slight_smile:
Here is a recent thread on the forum about that: Plyo jump box recommendations

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Just what I needed @Lacey_Rivette thank you so much

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@Jake @Lacey_Rivette first KOM today woohoo!