What To Do After Getting Sick

HEy Folks,

I have just getting over a cold that kicked my butt. I was in my last week of an interval plan after completing the 16 weeks of SS plan. So i took this as a week off the bike and now am ready to kick off another block of training. What would be the best approach? I am planning on racing some weeknight track and crits but no major goals until July and even then not really major as its my first season racing in 6 years.

Would it be best to pick up at SS 4 then intervals then the in season training plan? Thank for your help!

Yeah sweet spot 4 would be a good start. That is a good mix of intensity and some sweet spot work. You would basically be doing vo2 max intervals on Wednesday while fresh after an easy zone 2 day on Tuesday. Then follow that up with a sweet spot day on Thursday.

You wouldn’t want all intense training between now and racing as that would mean like 12 weeks of interval training which is far too much. So Sweet spot 4 works great, even sweet spot 3 would be great as well. That is the last 4 - 6 weeks of the 16 week plan.

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Great! Thanks Jake I really appreciate the feedback and help!

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