Moving the rest day

I’m excited to start the Resistance Training and Sweet Spot “Base” 16 week plan this week! I’m wondering what the best was is to adjust the plan using the days, Monday-Saturday. I don’t train on Sundays for religious reasons, but also need to keep the longer rides on Fridays and Saturdays. Is it ok to to start the week on Monday and skip Thursday’s rest day? Better to keep Thursday’s rest day and double up on something another day? I’m sure some will say FtFP. I’m willing and dedicated to do ALL of the workouts, just wondering what would be the best way to handle it. Thanks!

Hi @lizzyha - yes.

What you can do is start the plan on a Sunday so that is your rest day and then the whole plan will line up with rest days on Sundays and Thursday. Long rides on Fridays/Saturdays, etc…

And guess what - you still get to FtFP :wink: Go get 'em :muscle:


Thanks Frank! That makes sense for the days I ride. What about the resistance training? The first day of the plan is “adaption”, which would have me do the resistance training on Sunday. Maybe I’m missing something :grimacing:

For the lifting phase, it will likely be best to add in a zone 2 ride on thursday for the first 3 weeks (adaptation phase) and then add in a little extra zone 2 on Saturday to make up for missing sunday.

For weeks 4-10 you can increase your time on the bike on Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday (not friday since your saturday rides are harder and you need to be recovered) to make up for TSS you’ll miss from not riding on sunday.

Then once you finish the lifting portion of the plan, you can push your workouts back a day in weeks 11-16 so that sunday is your rest day as Coach Frank suggested.