XC Mountain Biking Race Schedule - "Intervals" plan into "In Season" plan

Just signed up for the coaching subscription. Through July and August I have a robust XC MTB race schedule and feeling a bit nervous about training these next 2 months(+). I am currently in the week 4 Regeneration week of “Intervals for XC Mountain Biking” plan and will transition into “XC MTB in Season” plan immediately after. I have an “A” priority race this Saturday 07/13/19 and several “B” and “C” priority races on following weekends. All are marked as such on my TrainingPeaks calendar. Then more of the same through August with 1 “A” priority race late in the month. I feel the intervals in the current plan are doing their job. I have been able to complete most of them as prescribed (1 not) . I haven’t had a race for a while so excited to see how things have progressed this weekend. Looking to make sure training makes sense for what I have upcoming. Thank you so much!

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Hey Mick!

I will go into TrainingPeaks and adjust the workouts so that they make sense for the racing you will be doing. Just rearranging a few things and adding in race openers. It will be more race and recovery type of training.

Hi Jake!
Thanks. I wanted to get on top of all this so I purchased “XC MTB in Season” plan today so I can flow right into it when done with my current plan. My new plan would start August 5th in theory; I have not yet added it to the calendar but would like to soon. Do you want me to add it or do you want to do that? I see that week would be a “Regen” week so it might need tweaking, the start of it I mean. Thanks for your help.

Looks like you put the plan the week after the regeneration week. That is perfect and where it should be. You’ll be ready to seamlessly stream right into the XC MTB in Season Plan. It’s similar to the adjustments I made to the other plan. I also filled out that regeneration week for you for the week between the two plans.

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