XC In Season Training Plan Question

I’m about half way through the MTB Climbing Intervals training plan (going well I think) and wanted to figure out my plan for the upcoming Team Big Bear MTB XC races that I’m planning on doing. So I purchased the In Season MTB training plan which looks great but I just have one question (so far).

The Big Bear races are all on Sunday. I adjusted the start of the plan to be on a Tuesday so line up the race days, but now I have some really big Monday workouts. What is the recommended way to move things around?


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Hey Bryant!
I would actually apply the plan on monday and then for the weeks that you have a race, shift your openers to saturday and then race to sunday. That way you can do the bigger rides on the weekend when your race schedule allows.

For weeks that you do race, you can complete a nice chunk of sundays workouts on monday and then add a little bit of zone 2 to your tuesday/wednesday rides to make up for the extra tss you missed if you couldnt do all of the long ride on monday. Another option is to ride a bit of zone 2 after your races.

I would stray away from adding it to thursday though, as you want to be fresh for the weekend.