Schedule tweak for riding vacation

Hello again, I have trip coming up from May 28 - June 1. We are going to Bentonville to do some mtb riding. Want to continue with my CX off season plan, but incorporate this trip. I can do all the interval type work monday through wednesday of that week. If you could rearrange my schedule for that I would appreciate it.
This weekend went well, ran a little short on time with mothers day activities, but still got some good riding in.

Hey Mike!

No problem we can adjust your training plan for you.

What type of riding will you be doing? I know mountain biking. Will they be long rides? Will you have intenstiy? What are the travel days where you will not be riding? Let me know those details and I can put in the best work around that.

I’m sorry, that was rather vague. Thursday we will travel, but will still be riding that afternoon. That day will definitely just be some free riding, session certain areas, hitting jumps, stop regroup chat etc for probably 1.5 hours
Friday we will probably do about the same for about 2 hours, eat lunch then head out for another 2 hours for the same. So I would say that would be a 4 hour endurance ride.
Saturday or Sunday we will head out to a different area for a more cross country type ride. Im thinking this ride will be approx 3 hours, of solid tempo/ sweet spot given the company ill be with.
The other day will be approx 4 hours endurance. I just say Saturday or Sunday cause it just depends which day the group wants to go out there. I can easily swap around on my TP.
Monday if the weather is good we will do an easy 1.5 hour ride before we fly back.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey Mike!

I just made the adjustments to your training calendar. Best thing to do was keep Tuesdays workout. Make Wednesday an off day. Put in the block riding for your trip.

Then I added a regeneration week after that so you can go into the final 2 weeks of the offseason plan strong! Those are pretty demanding workouts and weeks so being fresh for them would be best. Otherwise you maybe putting too many hard weeks back to back. Also this way you get all the specific efforts in this plan without missing any with the trip.

Does it all look good? Remember you will fee fresh at the start of the camp. So more intense early on works better. Friday and Saturday will probably be your best days. Saturday would be a great day for a huge training day, or the biggest one of the camp. Sunday will most likely be a bit shorter and less intense with fatigued built in. Monday can be the easy spin before heading home.

Looks great! Thank you. Only problem is you made me realize I have another mtb trip coming right behind it. SO sorry
June 13 - 21 we will be going to Colorado.
There we ride every day about 4 hours. All endurance to tempo, cause that all us flatlanders can do. The 21st we will take off for travel. Every year we do this trip we are exhausted when we get home. I don’t mind at all going in to this trip tired. I would rather focus on my structured work before. Again, sorry, just didn’t realize both trips were so close together.

That second camp comes after the regeneration week which is good! So basically you have a two week overload session starting on the June 9th. Good way to finish off the base period.

The first camp you are not tapering or resting into at all. You still have all next weeks workouts and like I said the workout for Tuesday. So in reality you are not missing anything. You would still need a rest week after this week and before the second camp so actually it all lines up really well right now.

Ok, so basically the second week of that camp Ill just use it as my colorado trip, since its going to be a lot of riding. So I need to get the next plan going after this, its been a while since I talked to someone about this.
Was it the six week summer cx plan next followed by the 6 weeks to cx plan?

Yes that is the progression. Six weeks of summer cx plan followed by six 6 weeks to cross. Really want that six weeks to cx to end with the start of the cx season.

ok great. I will purchase those plans soon. When we get further along in the summer we can adjust those plans if needed to fit up coming season. Since no one really know when CX season will officially start.

Absolutely! Just check back in 4 weeks and we can look over your training and make adjustments if needed!

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