Summer Plans


I’m really liking the 16 week sweet spot, I’m on week 6 and the efforts are getting easier. I’m looking forward to testing my ftp in a couple weeks.

With the sale I’d like to populate my training plan for the summer with your help.

I’ll finish the 16 week plan, one week break and into the gravel plan that hits my first A race in June. It’s a 72 miler in Spearfish SD on June 11.

I think I’d like a week off again and start training on 20 June. That gives me 11 weeks to my next A race, the Dakota 5-0 a 50 mile MTB race also in Spearfish SD

I’d still like to have some flexibility to play bike with my buddies and race our Wednesday MTB races in Sturgis.

Can I pick 5 weeks of the sweet spot plan I have out of it and then a MTB plan for 6 weeks? I’m open to recommendations

For background I turn 63 in a few days, not trying to win anything beyond first one to the beer after a ride with my buddies and not get dropped. Current ftp is 223 at 185 lbs. I’ve set a goal of dropping a half pound a week until I hit 175 and I’d like my ftp at 400 but if I get to 250 I’d be pretty dang happy.

Thought better to msg you than post on the forum and if this is too many questions no worries


Doc Savage

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Hi Doc -

I think you are on the right track. I would recommend some xc intervals for some speed and anaerobic work. Possible in the middle of your summer.

Taking a full week off is what we call a mid-season break:

I would only advise one per season and its half a mental break and half physiology. Would recommend a block of sweet spot post break and then those xc intervals I mentioned above.

Good luck this season and hope that helps!

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