Cyclocross 24 week off-season to 6 weeks to cyclocross training plan adjustment

Hi there–

Loving the easy access for questions. I’m hoping to get a training plan adjustment. I’m finishing the 24 week off-season plan and transitioning to 6 weeks to cyclocross plan. I have family visiting July 17-24 and will only be able to do 3-4 short rides during that time.

Please adjust my schedule from this week through the 28th. I’m hoping that a field test is included in there somewhere to see the gains from the past 6 months of training!

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing how it works out!

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@FRANK and I will review this after the holiday weekend and get back to you!

Hi Kalli!

Here’s a good idea :slight_smile: For those ‘only 3-4 short rides during that time’ - can you go ahead and enter into TrainingPeaks which days those are and for how long please?

Then we’ll go in and make our revisions and of course we wouldn’t want to deprive you of a field test, lol. In fact we may be able to ‘strategically’ use this week as rest and then you’ll be feeling really good after (from the rest) and then make good watts for your test.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ve entered four available slots in the time my family will be visiting: 17th - 24th.

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Alright @kalliphillips pardon the delay, the 4th of July holiday swept me up. Good news! I have modified your training calendar and all of your workouts except the field test were under the time you had so you were all good.

For the field test day I took out the zone 2 after the test for ya to fall within the time you had. I hope that helps ! Good luck #FtFP’ing and let us know if you have any more Q’s.

Thanks Frank!

So do I just skip the workouts that are still on my schedule on the days that I’m not available to train? I was expecting the plan to be adjusted so that the most important workouts were not missed. I have days that I’m available to train that are “off” and days that I’m not available that seem like important rides.

I didn’t see any days that you need off? If you put those days in there too I can move things around - thanks

Ok. Got it. The days I need off are clarified. Thank you.

Also, I’m going to go ahead and do my field test at the end of this week (it’s a rest week).

What’s a gal gotta do to get a training plan adjustment around here? I asked almost 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting… The week I’m hoping for an adjustment starts tomorrow.

Hi Kalli - I revised your plan last week. At that time, I did not delete any of the workouts you could not do so that you wouldn’t lose them.

I just went in again and confirmed that your plan is sound. I did move a Tuesday to a Monday per the ‘no training’ day on Sunday.

I kept the run workouts as they are because they only take 10-15 minutes so I’d encourage you to carve out that time per #secretTraining cyclocross training mindset.

Good luck and have a good week -

Thanks Frank. I added a couple of workouts to the schedule where I’m available so I can meet the TSS goals for the week.

I’ll try and carve out that run time, but I usually only run when someone is chasing me.:wink:

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