XC in season plan

So I’m carrying this thread over since I just signed up for the subscription training plan. I’m also going to add a couple questions to what I had originally written in the thread for “all users”

My next race is July 6th, one of the things I’m worried about with the plan I purchased is that I’m going to need to change quite a few things around so that my form is at a minimum of “10” going into race day. I set the plan on TP to actually start next week because I have a lot of family things this weekend that would sabotage starting the plan. That then leaves me with 4 full weeks of training before my next race, that 4th week is the week of the race.

Jake suggested I use this as a rest week, so I’ve now changed around my week to reflect a low TSS week (although I do have 1 day of Tabata workout - should I delete that and make it a Z1/Z2 workout?)

Jake then suggested I use the following two weeks as the hard intervals of the XC in season plan, again, makes a ton of sense but then suggested I use the 1st week of the plan which is a taper week. I obviously want to taper, that week has a TSS of about 430, isn’t that too high for a taper? Even if it’s not, I think my “form” number on TP will be in the negatives going into an A race on July 6th. I haven’t moved all of those weeks around yet but I can visualize the TSS and corresponding “form” and I’m pretty sure the result will be a form # in the negatives and I think in the negative teens.

There’s also the “regeneration week”. Starting next week should I do two weeks of intervals, 3rd week of regeneration, and 4th week (race week) using the actual 1st week of the plan but adjust the TSS to get my form right? Hopefully this makes sense.

  • For moving these workouts around, do you literally have to move 1 day at a time on TP or is there a way to move and entire week into a new spot?

Thanks for input/help.

Hi Quincy,

So I went into your TrainingPeaks and fixed up your training plan to line up with your A goal on July 6th.

For this week, since we are taking it as a rest, it is important to keep the riding light. However it is good to get one day of intensity during the week to keep sharp. What you are really doing during a rest week is dropping the duration and overall workload. Coming off this week your TSB will be +2 from what you have planned and that is great! Saturday if you have the chance it would be good to get some intensity on the mountain bike. Similar to the following Saturday in the XC plan than just make Sunday shorter and easier.

So I have you doing 2 weeks of the XC interval plan. Workouts include mountain bike starts, tabatas, skills, sweet spot and race pace rides. Ideally for this race simulation workouts on Saturday you can do on a course similar to the one you are racing! I had to cut the durations of the workouts for you so that we could line up your TSB to be positive for your A race. Mainly because this falls in line with the amount of workload you are use to carrying this year. But we kept the same interval durations and reps so you get all the work.

Then come race week we do the regeneration week. You’ll start with two off days, then get in a short intense workout on Wednesday to help stay open and sharp. Thursday will be off and Friday will be race openers. This will get to you a TSB of +7 on race day.

As for adjusting the plan around you can move weeks at a time by clicking on the option to cut on the far right. By the weekly ride totals / planned.


If you have any other questions or concerns let me know! But this should get you squared away and on target for your A race. Good luck!


Awesome, that’s exactly what I needed help with and answers all my questions. Thanks so much!

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