XC MTB in season plan

Just signed up for the XC MTB in season plan. I didn’t realize the first week of the plan is a race week or I might have waited until my next race so I didn’t have to make a bunch changes in TP.

My next race is July 6th, one of the things I’m worried about with the plan I purchased is that I’m going to need to change quite a few things around so that my form is at a minimum a “10”. I set the plan on TP to actually start next week because I have a lot of family things this weekend that would sabotage starting the plan. That then leaves me with 4 full weeks of training before my next race, that 4th week is the week of the race.

So should I do a couple weeks of the plan, then do a taper week (week 3), and then the week of the race use the plan that is for race week? If I don’t I’ll be going into the race with a form number of about “-12” on the day of the race.

*I’m also coming off 5 races in 7 weeks. Not optimal but started a series I didn’t expect to do well in and I’m the series leader, so now I’m focused on doing the remaining 3 races.

Any thoughts/input would be appreciated.

Since this weekend is going to be busy with family you can treat it like a rest week and not over do it or be stressed with everything else going on. Focus on life so the next few weeks can be a little more focused on riding.

So over the course of the next two weeks you should do the hard interval weeks of the plan. Then on the third week (July 1st) you can start the first week of the plan that has a taper week into the race. That should set you up well.

Sounds like you could also really benefit from our coaching subscription. Take a look at it and we can personally would be able to go in and make the changes for you.


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Jake - thanks for the information and I was looking at the subscription plan. If I signed up for that this week would I be able to talk with someone this week to figure out the plan the next few weeks? What you said makes a lot of sense but I do have a question about that and a couple other small questions too.

Yes! We will get you dialed in soon after you sign up.

You just post your questions in the members only forum and we will go into your TrainingPeaks account and fix your plan based on the discussion in the forum.

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