New at coaching subscription, how does this works?

Hi all,

So I just subscribed to annual coaching subscription, and I don’t know ample is the scope of the coaching. So I’m throwing most of my doubts, let me know if something is out of scope.

I’m finishing the Advanced Sweet Spot MTB Marathon Training plan, and I’m finishing with a MTB Multi stage Race (2-4 hours a day stages), did the Intervals for XC advanced before that.
I think I might arrive to race day with more fatigue than I should, so I changed a couple of workouts, can you check that out?
Also, I put some VOmaxers, can you just check that out too?

My type A race of the year, is a MTB Multi Stage Race of 4 days (about 20-22 hours total for me) on March 4-7, which plans should go next?
I would like to know what comes next.

Welcome @diego.furlan - thanks for your coaching subscription with us.

Coach @Jake has access to your TrainingPeaks account now - make sure you label the date of your XC race in TP so he knows what/when to revise your training plan.

I’ll let him take it from here - until then FtFP :muscle:

Awesome! Thanks @FRANK

Yes, I have my next and main races already labeled.

Hi @Jake have you had the time to check this out?

Hi Diego!

So your TBS going into the stage race the first weekend of December is around positive 29 which shows a good amount of rest heading in. I did see where you put some efforts on the Tuesday leading in. I actually took those out and replaced with a different workout. Still some short hard intensity which is good, but just less of it! Don’t need so much heading into a long weekend of racing. Not going to get better just going to add fatigue. But we do the efforts to stay sharp. So the efforts I put in should be more than enough. Plus you will be coming off a race this weekend so a little more rest will be good. Better to error on the side of rested at this point than fatigued. Training adaptations take 2 weeks so you are not going to get 'better at this point just more fatigued.

So it looks like you have an event on December 13th. After that you have around 12 weeks to your big A event. It looks like you have done a fair amount of intensity in the last couple of plans. So I would recommend backing that down a bit. I would look to do our Sweet Spot 2 plan. Still want to maintain and build the fitness you have but don’t want to the added fatigue of continuing high intensity training. You would lose your aerobic engine and some fitness before March 7th if you did that. So back the intensity down but continue with the workload. Sweet spot 2 is good for that. Yes its a road plan but you can do it on the mountain bike as well and on trails.

After that I would go back to an interval plan. You could do our Breck Epci sweet spot plan which is a plan for an 8 day mountain bike stage race so similar to what you would be doing and the demands of your event. Of course the MTB marathon plan would be good as well. Just sharing another option.


Awesome @Jake thank you!

So, already bought both plans and applied them to have a visual of my ATP and Performance Management.

And don’t worry about the road plan, I’m both and adapt my workouts based on what can or want to do.

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Hi @Jake

So race weekend went quite well, posted all my comments and feedback on each day of trainingpeaks. Let me know if you guys check this out so I keep writing them in english.

So I feel good and rested, ready to keep building for my March 7th multistage, and was wondering if Sweet Spot 2 plan is still what I need or, you would recommend a little more intensity and race focus with Sweet Spot 3.

Just trying to get a little more intensity and fun, so let me know if that’ll work!


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