Training Plan, adding Volume, shuffling, and scheduling


I just purchased the 32-week off-season resistance + base plan, intermediate. I was initially just going to continue on and then start the plan later in the year, but Coach Jake mentioned I can backdate and start now, and then start from the beginning later in the year. Great idea!

My current Fitness/Fatigue/TSB is 83/89/-7, on track for about 750TSS this week, I have some threshold work coming up, nothing huge a 2x28 @ 94% today and a 4x17 @ 94% tomorrow, and should end the week with at 84/95/-12…unless I go ride with my son, then it’s going to go off the rails for a bit, but nothing I can’t handle. I do have scheduled a small taper next week, to drop TSS about 100, and then I can slot in the plan after that, starting with a rest week and a test and thinking Sweet Spot 2 and 3?

I’m going to need to shuffle the rest weeks, and maybe insert a couple. I understand the plans have the rest weeks moved around a bit, so it’s different than purchasing sweet spot 1, 2, and 3 individually. My plan is to move the rest week up to be the first week of Sweet Spot 2, with the FTP test, then I think I will do a 2 weeks on, 1 week rest, approach. 4 straight weeks of TSS growth is too much or me (I always do 2 up, 1 week taper, for 6 weeks, and then 1 rest week, but can definitely do 2 on: 1 full rest for 6 weeks). Thoughts?

I’m also doing a bit more volume and time in zone, than the plan at the moment. Last week was 12h:41m and about 2h50m in zones 3 and 4. I read some threads about adding volume and it wasn’t clear how to do that. I’m not saying I absolutely will, I’m just thinking about it now. I’m thinking of adding 30-60 minutes of Z2 to the T, W, Th workouts. I might also add some more intensity as well, as I routinely do things like 2x40, 2x30, in sweet spot, etc. It’s hard to say with the “group ride” on the schedule, as those are all over the place with no structure. If supplanting the group ride with an indoor ride, how much TiZ for that workout, % wise?

I am, however, hearing Coach Frank’s voice in my head. “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should,” and the recommendation for no more than 80 CTL for 50yo. That said, I did hold 80-90 last year. I’m considering it, and haven’t decided one way or another yet.

Planning for the upcoming year…to start the plan from the beginning. When to start, races/events start in Feb, with some openers in Jan. Last event, hard to say for sure as it’s not a series event, would probably be in Sept/Oct assuming I do those, haven’t decided yet, or maybe stagger by year to allow for the longer offseason work such as early events one year, late events next year. Also, holding peak for that long is impossible, so would need to have multiple peaks and maybe only select 2 A events at most, if I go that route. But, wondering about where to run base through, the main season is about 4 months. I don’t think completing base before the start of events in Jan is practical, but maybe part way through March? Then which intervals to select after? Hill Climb + XC In season or just XC In Season? Then repeat part of base and try for another peak for Sept/Oct? Any off time?

Ok let me see if I can help you out some. That is a lot of questions and very detailed. Remember these are prebuilt plans and work for most. For more specific training you can look into one on one coaching or our coaching subscription even to making adjustments to the plan.

So you can add some zone 2 time to your weekday training but remember more is not always better. You know the CTL you have carried in the past and what you are capable of getting to. Use past data to be your guide. Like you mentioned and Frank has said more is not always better. You have to look at how you are able to recover and jump into interval training.

As for weekend sweet spot rides this is a great time to do the longer intervals you like. Just look to match the planned TSS. You can do 20, 30, or 40 minute intervals. Just get as much sweet spot in too help match the planned TSS. If you are doing indoors we discuss how you should probably not do longer than 2 hours indoors. So you would look to do as much sweet spot as possible in that 2 hour ride. Structure it how you like. We find unstructured workouts once a week is a great rest for the mind. So that is why we recommend group rides. If you have Zwift you can do different segments at sweet spot. This way it is not looking a time and unstructured.

When to star the base period next year really depends on when your goal races are. Ideally you complete 10 weeks of resistance training and at least 12 weeks of the base training before you start any race. Before your goal race or maybe even a 3 - 6 week window of racing you should complete an interval plan that most compliments the racing you will be doing. We even have 6 week in season race plans you can do after your first 6 week interval plan. Then after you do that you should rebuild your base sometime in the summer and can do the last 8 - 12 weeks of the 32 week plan. That is sweet spot 2 and 3. Then do another 6 week interval plan before the racing late summer / fall. That is kind of how we would lay out the plan.