XC Plan Intervals and Last week of Plan

So I’m into the last week of the XC interval plan and happens that I have an actual race this Sunday prescribed for a 100% race effort. Thought I’d toss this question at you last minute cause that’s how I do things sometimes, ;).

Anyway curious at this short state if there’s anything you’d change fir the few workouts left. I have an hour endurance Wednesday, a set of tabatas Thursday and vo2 max 3 minutes Friday, race Sunday. Off Saturday per plan.

Goal this year has mainly been to recover fitness lost given an illness last fall. So 55yo guy here. Atl/Ctl/tsb is 67/82/6 heading into race, chart trending down, CTL around 100 when I started the intervals.

Thanks for any words.

Off Friday, Openers Saturday.

I would recommend doing tabatas wednesday, endurance Thursday, off Friday and openers (about an hour workout) on Saturday to prep for that race @brianyoung