Workout Entered Correctly (18WK SS Wk13 2x20)?

I am in week 13 of the 18 week SS plan and tomorrow I have a workout titled Sweet Spot 2x20 minutes and tempo. The workout description states 20 minutes at SS with 10 minutes in between, but the workout is built with only 3 mins at 60% of FTP.

Does that make sense? Based on my other workouts the recovery is usually 50% of the SS time.

After two rounds it has 30 minutes at 78% of FTP.



Yeah you should take 10 minutes between the sweet spot efforts. I went back and fixed that workout, thanks for the heads up. Based on the amount of time you have to train you may have to cut that tempo down if you only have 90 minute during the week.

@Jake a related question on the same plan… I’m in week 12 of Intermediate 18-week SS and was looking at PMC and noticed CTL was not building as expected between now and week 18.

So I looked at calendar and noticed that Weeks 13 and 14 have Sunday workouts with no TSS values:

The week 13 Sunday workout has same description as Sunday in Week 11, and that had TSS of 192. So I entered 192 and guessed at a TSS for Week 14:

are you good with that?

Thanks Jake! I made those same changes on my local copy. 20 minutes SS with only 3 miutes rest would have been tough.

That looks about right for planned TSS for those rides. Should give you good tragets. 211 TSS for 2 hours might be a little tough. Might be more like 180 for 45 minute freestyle sweet spot and 200 for 60 minutes.

yup, I did a ride on Saturday that started with 3 SS intervals (65 minutes total) and accumulated 187 TSS by 3 hour mark. TSS could have been higher but I forgot food (doh!) and after 2 hours was riding at lower end of endurance.