Training Plan Form (TSB) Question

Hi Folks!

I’m currently entering week 7 of intermediate 16 Weeks of Sweet Spot plan. I’m really loving it so far. This week, the plan has me doing a 5 hour 275 TSS: Zones 2 - Sweet Spot ride. My TSB starting that day will be -20. The day after, the plan calls for a 2.5 hour 123 TSS ride. My TSB starting that day will be ***-44.***I know from hard experience once my TSB gets past -30, I’m thrashed. Riding 2.5 hours with a TSB that low, even at zone 2, will absolutely wipe me out. Granted, the next two days are rest days, but I’m no spring chicken, and I know my body will need more than two rest days with a TSB that low. I’m all for FTFPing, but I’m probably going to make some adjustments here. I’ll either cut down the 275 TSS ride by an hour or so, or I’ll take a rest day after it, then do the Zone 2 ride. Or I could do both rides as scheduled and add in another off day to my recovery week.

Thoughts anyone? I’m self coached, and I really enjoy nerding out on the numbers. The podcasts are great for that. I’m continually amazed at how accurate the Performance Manager Dashboard is in terms of predicting my fitness and fatigue. Great stuff. Thanks FasCats!

Dave Farrell

FtFP: you’ll be fine and recovered after 72 hours (2 rest days) No need to edit or modify the plan - we designed it for you. Sometimes you gotta get tired in order to get faster!


Thanks Frank. I was afraid you’d say that. :grin: