"Freestyle" Sweet Spot Sunday

Happy Fri-YAY all!

Question regarding “Freestyle” SS Sunday , I completed a forum search but unable to find what I was looking for. It says to spend a total of 45-60mins in SS range and has allotted 3hrs for Sunday with NO TSS. The day before on Saturday I have a 3hr 178 TSS ride. Is it recommended to ride the full 3hrs, should I just ride the 45-60mins then the balance in Z2?
I ask as this past Saturday I had a 4hr Sweet Spot ride with a 200 TSS, I completed it in 2hrs 44mins with a VI of 0.99 and IF of 0.88.


This is not a TSS goal ride so therefore ‘don’t chase the TSS’. Ride for 3 hours.

Simply try to achieve 45-60 minutes in your sweet spot in an unstructured fun and flexible way - no intervals. If you do this you’ll be FtFP’ing and will ‘make it turn green’