18 Weeks of Sweetspot - Week 10 Weekend

Week 10 of the Basic version has me doing 2x Freestyle SweetSpot workouts over the weekend for a total TSS of 345! Do-able, but seems like a big leap from the prior week (228).

The Sunday workout, in particular is 2.5 Hours for a TSS of 185 (vs 160 TSS for a similar ride on Saturday). Is this correct? Should I simply FTFP and call it good?

For Sunday you will just have to get as much sweet spot in as possible. To get 185 TSS in 2.5 hours is going to take a lot of work, especially if you had a hard Saturday sweet spot group ride. You are looking to get in 75 TSS per hour on that ride. Try to get in the ballpark. The rides are not super long but there will be plenty of work in the 2.5 hours.

These workouts can be flipped flopped as well. So you might want to try to do the higher TSS day on Saturday when you fresher. Then Sunday can be a little less.

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Thanks Jake. I’m assuming I can do either one of these workouts by heart rate (on the mountain bike)? Thinking of doing a longer MTB ride on Saturday (Berryman) and then a road/gravel ride on Sunday.

Also, can the Z2 workouts on Thursdays also be done with HR instead of Power?

Thanks for the quick response.

Absolutely! You can use your heart rate while mountain biking. Actually a better way to measure your effort while riding off road as the heart rate will be a bit more consistent with the effort while the power will be all over the place.

Yes you can do HR instead of power on zone 2 days as well on zone 2 days. In sweet spot 4 we actually have zone 2 rides labeled by heart rate. This is to make sure you do not go too hard and keep the heart rate down.

@Jake is the 3 week fall foundation plan+16 Weeks Weights & Base plan the same or similar to the 18 weeks of SS? or is it totally different. TIA

The 16 weeks weight + base is our 10 week strength and resistance training and sweet spot 2 plans.

18 weeks of sweet spot are sweet spot plans 1, 2 and 3.

32 week off season plan is 3 week fall foundation, 10 week strength and resistance training, sweet spot 1, 2 and 3.

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Hi Jake, that’s adds up to only 31 weeks!!! Where is 32nd week inserted???

There would be an extra rest week in there between the sweet spot plans.