Work trip - substitute for workouts (if any?)

Hi -

I am rolling my plan and feeling great. Thank you very much.

Sadly, I have been called for a work trip - 4 days next week, Friday/Sat. at home, then Sun-Friday the following week.

Luckily, the first week is the recovery week, but I will still not be able to rid at all.

The second week I will miss entirely.

Any suggestions on what I can do in hotels/hotel gyms that could help at all? Running is also an option.

So bummed but no choice.



Hey @johnj.goodman,
That is a bummer, but sometimes life happens and you just have to adapt.
If you do not have a specific date that you have to have your plan finished by, I would suggest shifting your plan back a week in your TP calendar. You can do that by clicking on the little hamburger button on your weeks summary and then choosing “shift.” I find the easiest way to do it is just to shift it forward by 7 days.

Then while you are out, just stay on top of your revo, foundations and yoga. If you can get into the gym a short ride on the spin bike will be good!

Alternatively… if you do need to finish your plan by a specific date and don’t want to shift the plan by a week AND the hotel gym is really good you could attempt to do your workouts there.

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Here is something I have done before. Find a gym close to your hotel that has a spin bike studio. Often times those spin bikes have a power meter. And they usually have Shimano SPD clip in pedals. Call the gym and ask if you can buy a 1 day or 1 week pass to use a spin bike outside their spin class schedule. I have done this at LA Fitness a couple of times. Then you can hammer a few quick but hard interval workouts during the week and not lose any fitness.

Thanks to you both, this is great. I can shift the calendar so I’ll do both of these things.

Lacey - seems the shift option is only available if you are in Premium, which I’m not. Any other suggestions … ?

Hey @johnj.goodman - did you already use the 30 days free of premium that we provided you with when you purchased your plan?

Hi Lacey - I think I got 2 weeks but in any case it’s up. I’ll find a way … I needed a winter plan and have no race date so I’ll just make an adjustment t …