Moving workouts on plan

Hello! I just had a quick question regarding the Road Racing intervals plan. I was wondering if it is ok to move the workouts around to different days to better incorporate them into my busy schedule with work? I will be able to do the workouts as prescribe just not on certain days. Am example is when I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I can only get in 1 hour rides on those days and not a 2 hour. Can I move those workouts around during the week or is there a certain physiological benefit im getting from them being done in the order they are in on the plan.

You want the harder more intense workouts to be after rest days when you are fresh. You don’t too much fatigue so you can’t complete workouts.

If time constrained make sure you complete the intervals as that is the important aspect of the workout. You can also look at getting the basic plan which is very low hours.

As always though your best option is to just follow the plan. #FtFP :laughing:


Thank you so much for the help and quick response! I am just trying to re-arrange my workouts for my days off since I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital as a respiratory therapist and have an hour commute to and from work. My schedule usually alternates one week working Sunday, Wednesday, Thrusday and the next week working Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Would it be best to put my longer/intense workouts on the days off?

I don’t think you want to rearrange anything because those intervals are designed to follow rest days when you can make more power. Shifting is another thing - around your days off.

It would be better to shift the plan to line up with non working days and do the plan as designed. Nearly all the workouts can be don in an hour , 45 minutes if you really push it.

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Awesome! Thank you guys so much for the advice! I’m really enjoying the plan and having the structure since I started road racing this year. Also, excellent podcast! I listen to them on the way to and from work on my commute.

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