Changing Pre-Programed Workouts

Just started the 32 week plan and just noticed that this weekend is a planned group ride for Saturday, and Sunday is Muscle Tension intervals. My local group ride is on Sundays here. Is it ok to swap those around?

Also, since we are getting into Winter, which workouts in that plan are acceptable to do on an indoor trainer? I have a dumb hydro trainer that I have used in the past but need to get a speed sensor for the back wheel. Of course I’d do as many workouts as possible outdoors, just wanted to know in case the bottom drops out.

Also, since my ftp test was taken outdoors, do I need to adjust anything if I do end up doing a workout indoors or roll with what my current zones are?

Hi Mike!

So you can flip your Saturday and Sunday workouts based on when your group ride happens. Might be a bit fatigued from the Saturday ride but shouldn’t be too bad. Plus you don’t need to be ripping up the group ride right now so that is fine! In the future the one thing to watch is if your Sunday ride effects your Tuesday workout after only 1 day rest.

Any workout can be done indoors! If for whatever reason you need to do a weekend ride indoors and it is scheduled to be over 2 hours just stick to 2 hours Max especially early on in the 32 week plan. The closer you to your goals or the end of winter you can extend it a bit but don’t get burnt out on the trainer. What you can do is increase you effort indoors with some freestyle tempo / sweet spot work to get more TSS in less time.

Indoors your FTP and power maybe 5% lower. You don’t need to adjust anything just remember you maybe at the lower end of the targets for the efforts, which is fine! Use heart rate and perceived exertion as well to help determine your effort.