Changing plan for travel

I am in week 13 of the 18 week sweet spot plan (loving it be the way) and will then transition into the gravel plan in time for DK. The one glitch I have is I am traveling at the beginning of April (kids Spring Break) but still want to try and #FtFP at the hotel gym. The question is that my travel falls at the end of a rest week and beginning of the following week and I will miss the two long weekend rides. How can I adjust the plan to stay on track? I figure I can ride the bike in the hotel gym for an hour.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey Christian,

Looking at your calendar it actually looks like it lines up pretty well. The only thing is we will move one of your regeneration off days forward to when you are on vacation and move up the sweet spot group ride. Try to get what you can in. I know during the week you probably won’t get in 3 hours but shoot for a hard 2 hour sweet spot ride. Basically empty the tank before you head out.

Then I made all your workouts 1 hour long while you are gone. It’s good that the workouts are shorter as they do have some good intensity. So you really won’t be missing much at all.

Good job following the plan! If there is anything else we can look at for you or change just let us know! Enjoy your trip.

Jake…Thanks for updating the plan. The 1 hour workouts are doable and will keep the family happy!!



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