Adjusting For Travel

Hey all!
I have an unavoidable family trip coming up which is going to keep me away from the bike for a week. since I am doing the Resistance and sweet spot plan, I was initially going to try and do my strength work in the hotel gym but I have realized that it will not have the equipment I need. Would it be better to push everything back a week( It would be week 2 of the strength phase) or is there a better way I can work around this?


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As longs you don’t have everything lined up to finish on an event day you can push everything back a week. Just sounds unavoidable. Of course you could always try to find a local gym in the area that would allow, but that might not be possible.

Try to do the movements, foundation, yoga and Rev workouts if you can in the hotel. You just don’t want to be sitting around for a week doing nothing if you can help it.

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Thanks for the feedback,
I considered looking for a local gym, but I am traveling to a Spanish speaking country and Don’t feel anywhere near fluent enough to try and navigate the city itself solo.
I definetly plan on doing the movements and every thing else.
With shifting the plan back a week, can I just jump back into the lifting or should I take a day or two to ease into it?

That makes sense!

If it was the hypertrophy phase I may have looked at doing a light day first, but you should be able to manage the strength phase. Good a good warm up and especially cool down on the bike afterwards. If you wanted you could cut the weight back slightly with the first set or two, but you should be ok.

I have the have the same issue with surprise international trips always being dropped on me.

Does running make a good or bad replacements, for say a week long trip.

I guess different muscles but, still works the lungs !

Thanks, Scott

Bad replacement, especially for those who never do it. It’s best to stick with yoga, foundation, rev workouts. Maybe if you had a place to hike you could do that. But only being a week you shouldn’t try to run.