Work changes equals plan changes?

My work rotation has changed from this week, likely until at least September. I will now be on a four week rotation, weeks 1&3 will be Mon-Fri 11:15-18:30 and weeks 2&4 will be Tuesday-Sat 07:45-15:00. My question is how best to schedule the workouts on the 18weeks Sweetspot plan. My idea is to do them as they are planned on weeks 1&3 , then on weeks 2&4 move the shorter/easier weekend workout to the Monday as I am off work, move the midweek workouts to Wed,Thur,Fri have Saturday off then do the harder weekend workout on the Sunday.

Probably won’t need to do this everytime, for example this weekend I’ve got a 100TSS Freestyle Sweetspot planned for Sunday, which I could probably do after work Saturday (flip/flop with Sunday’s ride) on the trainer on Zwift as it’ll be dark almost by the time I get home, but as I progress through the plan, the workouts get longer so doing them on the trainer is probably a bit much for me. Was just wondering if this structure whilst not ideal is okay, or if there is a better way to schedule things that I can’t workout.

Sounds like you are going to be changing quite a bit. your off days or days you have time you should plan on doing your longer rides.

So the important thing to know is that the Tuesday and Saturday workouts are usually the harder workouts and the key workouts. So these need to come after a rest day. You can also make the Saturday rides longer and the Sunday rides shorter if need be. The important thing is to get the workload in and also keep training consistent. So if you can keep the same workload and ride 5 days a week you are good. Just remember to keep the days off before the harder workouts so you can complete those.

You can also have a coach help you out if you are interested


Thank you, the way I’ve planned it does give me a rest day before the harder days. It will only be every other week I need to change at a maximum, should be fine fitting the workload in this way. Very much appreciate the response. I’ll have a look at the coaching subscription maybe once I know what the TT calendar is looking like next year in the UK, at the moment it’s not looking good! It would be a big chunk of my monthly cycling budget though, but I’ll have a think about it.