Swapping days around

I’m 4 weeks into the 18 week sweet spot plan, great plan! My question is about moving days around, My son has cross country meets on Tuesdays evenings till mid-January. How bad would it be if I did the endurance ride on mon and the sweet spot ride on wed and tempo on thur?

Thanks for any advice

Morning @caseygudgell - or even better what if you got up early Tuesday morning before work and #FtFP’ed?

See bullet point # 1 here:

thanks but i forgot to mention that i have to be at work at 6:15am. i may try it though

Where there’s a will there’s a way.:I coach athletes who get their early bird watts at 4:30am in order to #FtFP.

You can throw up all the excuses (& poor training habits as you want) but you are only hurting yourself.

Try it and since you are self coaching see how it goes. Alternatiively cross country meet is over at dark, right - so there always ‘owl watts’ - aka get on the trainer at 9-10pm.

Riding on Monday creates all sorts of problems mainly bc the way the training plan is design based on your fatigue is that you’ll need a rest day by Monday after the weekend.

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so basically, stop being a wuss and suck it up! i’ll make it work and ftfp

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Yes, rule # 5 or hire a coach to creatively work with you on a solution. Not to upsell but that’s what we do for a living.


I know a coach would help, but currently I’m not serious enough about racing to justify it. I mainly just like riding my bike with my family and friends.

Ah - in that case, don’t sweat the small stuff!