Switch SweetSpot from Beginner to Intermediate

Working from home last few weeks, not sure when I’ll be scheduled to work at the office again, nailing all my beginner SS workouts, and currently finished week2 of SS2. Think I can handle a few more hours/week for the next 4-6 weeks. Can I buy SS2 Intermediate and jump into Week3 this Tuesday? I’m eating great at home, getting rest, and so far not stressing out with work/family.

Also I’m still 20 watts FTP lower than my riding mates, really looking to keep the pace with them if/when group rides are socially acceptable again this summer. My A race (Epic 150) was postponed, and I’m deferring it to 2021 so this summer will be filled with training during the week and gravel rides (50 miles up to centuries) on the weekends. Next A races will be local Cx events in the Fall and a few local gravel races. Thanks!!!

Yes! You can just jump into Sweet spot 2 intermediate. You will benefit from the little extra riding and workload. Just continue to focus on your recovery afterwards, sleep, staying fueled during workouts and etc. Doing a little extra will be like a training camp for you here. Give your fitness a good boost.

Just continue to follow the plan and you will get better. Hopefully surprise your riding mates by the time we are able to get outside and ride together! They’ll be wonder how you did it!

Good luck and stay safe.

Since I finished SS2 (Beginner) week two, I was thinking of starting SS2 (Intermediate) week two. Sound good?

As long as you don’t feel too fatigued. Because that would make a 4 week build as opposed to just 2.

However you could start with sweet spot 2 (intermediate) week 2, then do the regeneration week on week 4, then do weeks 3, 5 and 6. That is what I would recommend you doing. So you will have to shuffle those weeks around.

Yes, just noticed that (4 week build vs 3 week) when I plugged it into TrainingPeaks. Thanks for confirming.