Finished 18 Week sweetspot. Now what?

I just finished the 18 week sweet spot plan, and actually stretched it to 22 weeks. FTP is higher than ever. But my real question is now what? I have and will be doing the advanced criterium plan but I don’t see any races being scheduled before June realistically. Should I add more Sweet spot, is there something I should do between the Sweet spot and crit plans to bridge the gap?

Fantastic Dan! Good to hear you are improving and riding so strong! Good work getting through the plan.

This has been the hardest thing about coaching this year and last with COVID, what to do next. A lot of times we say timing is everything. In a normal year we can line up plans to start and finish at the right moments. But that is a bit harder at the moment as we don’t know exactly when the races will occur.

I would recommend you try our sweet spot 4 plan for the next 4 weeks! You will get in some polarized training and introduce some intensity which is good after doing 22 weeks of sweet spot training.

Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and purchased the advanced plan. In the later weeks of the plan there are some extra long weekday rides which I won’t be able to do. Should I replace those with sweetspot intervals instead of just doing zone 2 ?

The Sunday rides you don’t want to add too much intensity and want to keep it lower. The only reason is because the idea of this plan is to go into the intervals super fresh. You could probably be ok with a bit of tempo to get the TSS up since you will be riding shorter. But I would try to avoid riding over 90% of your FTP.

Ah I was referring to the longer rides on Wednesday / Thursday later in the plan. The sunday rides shoudn’t be a problem. I do like the longer zone 2 on Sundays to round out the week.

Yeah after you do the hard intervals on Wednesday you can add some tempo to the Wednesday and Thursday rides to help match the TSS of the plan. Being fresh for Wednesdays workout is the most important thing.