What plan to get working from an 8 day shift pattern with 2days/2nights

hi my goal event is in 24 weeks.

i have been coached before i have realised my training week is over an 8/9day week because i work shifts.

i generally have 3 full back to back days off, then maybe 1 or 2 1hr sessions available over an 8 day/night shift week.

the shift pattern i do is 2 days 7am-7pm,then 2 nights 7pm-7am.
Not sure if you have coached anyone on this shift pattern and can give me some insight into what the riders thought which plan suited them.

I have realised the 2 nights shifts really mess with your recovery due to lack of sleep so sometimes you may not be able to train over them shifts.

My goal event is in majorca in april 167km race/sportif with climbing 5000ft.

I also may race some races next year too if it fits with shift,but for now i just want to get a plan to focus on to help me get through the lockdown period.

i was thinking of the indoor one on zwift for a month or starting the sweetspot programme.

i currently havent got a power meter on my bike but i have one on my turbo,so i can either do the indoor workouts on either programme and use the power,but the outdoor rides i wouldnt have power,i will be looking to buy a stages in the future for outside

is there a better plan for the first month to suit my needs, am swayed between the indoor one or starting sweetspot 1.



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I was thinking the 18 weeks sweetspot plan might best.


But how could i make it fit with 3 full days off with would be great for the sweetspot/group rides,but i may not be able to do the 3 one hr back to back sessions through the week.

just dont want to commit to a programme if its not the best suitable for my pattern of a 8 day week with 3days off instaed of the usually weekend(2 days) for most people

Hi @peterbracken -

The 18 weeks of Sweet Spot plan is a great start. Follow that with our Hill Climbing Intervals (for 5k of climbing)

All of our plans are editable with a simple drag and drop so you can modify them per your schedule. Here’s how.

We have experience coaching athletes in similar work/training situations - physicians who work 12 hours on 12 hour off for 7 days then 7 days off. Similar with first responders and shift workers. It is a custom solution that require hiring a coach just to put that out there. But if you are comfortable with moving workouts around that is a really nice feature of our plans + the fact that you can use the forum to ask specific questions.

Hope that helps -

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Thanks for the reply frank I’ll have a think.


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Hi frank

What are you thoughts on me starting the indoor month workout rather than the sweetspot programme.

I am returning to the bike after a 2 week holiday and a few pounds heavy.

So just been getting back into riding outside.

Also with the sweetspot one if I can’t get outside to do the long sweetspot/group rides can I get the alternative indoor one sent to my TrainingPeaks?or is this only available if I am individually coached.



Hi @peterbracken -

The indoor/ outdoor plan is OK but getting started with your base training for Majorca is better and that’s why I recommended that.

The 18 weeks starts off gradually intentional and ramps up as you become more fit. All the workouts may be exported from TrainingPeaks to your app of choice, like Zwift.

Coach Jake & I recorded a podcast just Thursday on using Zwift to follow your plan:

Again frank thanks for your quick response .
Noticed in your podcast I have just listened too you mention if your goal event is 24 weeks
10 week weights
10 week base
4 week’s intervals before your A race.

But to be honest I think I need to build a base as not done much in the last 5 weeks due to sickness and a 2 week vacation,so just done my first 8 hr week on the bike.:hot_face:

Might rest tomorrow and do and ftp test Monday and start programme.

Will just have to start my ctl from now as didn’t record everything last year due to sickness etc

Only power meter at the moment is the trainer but think I will have to buy another power meter for bike soon to get accurate ctl data.

I am a cat 2/3 masters racer prog can do 8-12 hrs a week sometimes more.
Will the intermediate plan be enough SS
as sometimes it’s hard not to compare training to others who do more.
Though I know am not at the fitness level I was at the moment.
Am hoping to have a training camp in January and February so is this still the right plan for me or would you suggest another one.



Hi frank

Bought the 18week SS
Just done my first 8hrweek on the bike for a 4 weeks after vacation etc
Do you think I should just do me ftp in the next few days on the turbo and crack on with programme or get another week of time on the bone before test ?



Thank you @peterbracken - you have a lot of improvement to look forward to

Now all you have to do is FtFP (follow the f*@%'ing plan)


including the field test - good luck with your training!

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