Altering workouts in plan

I have a question re: the schedule of my plan (6 weeks to sweet spot 1). First off, I am enjoying the structure, so this is great! I do have a question regarding the longer rides being in the middle of the week. It may have been an issue on when I started the plan. Is there a way for the plan to be altered, so that the longer rides (2-2.5 hrs) are on the weekend? I can get in a hour a day during the week, and I’d like longer rides on the weekends. Temps are still cold, so most of the rides are on the trainer. I can sneak in fat bike rides on the weekend, and get to my desired amount. I should also say I have the basic Training Peaks plan, so I cant copy/paste, as a team mate suggested. Thanks in advance!


Ya it sounds like you need to shift you plan a bit. I would un-apply the plan and then re-apply the plan. This time look to start the plan on a Monday. From there all the days will line up better for ya.

Thanks Isaiah, I appreciate the prompt response! I’ll do that, and let you know if I have further questions. Cheers–Eric

Check out step #6 where you choose a Monday as your start date: