Winter Intensity

I purchased the WinterTime Intensity Plan so I could plug in shorter/harder sessions on days when time is tight. In Training Peaks it shows up as a Training Plan. I was hoping I could add the workouts to my Workout Library so I can plug and chug on the days I risk not FTFPing. Anyone know an easy way to do so without adding the entire plan to calendar?

I was riding pretty free form though the fall and recently missed time with life stuff. (Vasectomy. Virtual Learning. Oh My.) This lead me back to adding more structure again. With no events on horizon for 4-6 months (IMHO) I’m trying to build/rebuild the engine, so back to 1st block of 18 wks weeks sweet spot (hopefully sticking with advanced). Although they are not totally the same thing as long rides, these WTIP workouts are great stuff on the HoP model on days that run risk of failing to follow plan. I’ve not done a trainer ride >2 hrs for years and am not 100% opposed to doing so on a bad weather day, but nice to have option to cut time on indoor days. Save trainer burnout. Work around extra-commitments when kids stuck at home…thanks.

Add the entire plan to some date in the future then click and drag the workouts into your library. When done just un link the plan.

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Thanks. I had added to the future and then copied workout for my short ride this past Saturday but adding the workouts to folder will be better for the future. Ride On!

Also if you click the little hamburger icon in the upper left of the workout you should be to ‘apply to workout library’

Thanks Cats. Plan A, B, & C is part or FTFPing, podiums, and life. Workout switch is way better than no ride.