Option B on Endurance Days

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Had a chance to listen to the recent podcast pertaining to winter interval training. Anyone who hasnt listened to it, needs to.

During the week days time can be thrown off as work, family, homeschooling, etc… add time complexity . As such I like to have an option B especially on endurance days. If my workout calls for intervals, i get those in as i understand intensity is necessity, skipping or shortening the endurance if time is getting short at the end if its there. However, Thursdays’ are endurance days that have me riding for 2.5 hrs on the trainer in Z2 as my workout times are starting to progress. I know the value of riding in Z2 and also being able to adequately perform workouts based on level of fatigue. However, if I am not overally fatigued, what would be the best options for 1.5 hrs that i can copy from 18 weeks of SS into these days to shorten the time and get the intensity. Would anything in the 1.5 hrs with 85+ TSS suffice like the Criss Cross, OnU, etc… as mentioned on the podcast? Today as fall back I did another tempo workout with 4x10 holding at endurance for 5 min between blocks. Got over 80 TSS with an IF of 78. I dont mean to rehash the podcast topic, but just want to know specific workouts within my current plan that I can utilize as an option B.



Thanks for listening @jhenkemeyer77 !

This is the million dollar coaching question which is super tough to answer without looking at your plan and knowing your goals and everything. Essentially this is covered when you hire a coach!

But what we’ve come up with to answer question like this where we need access to your training plan in order to answer is a more affordable coaching option: our $39 coaching subscription.


The short answer is to FtFP but then again that is because we don’t have access to the big picture of your plan and what is really going on (its about the whole entire block) not just a day to day workout swap.

Hope that helps - follow the plan or have a coach take look at your TP with a coaching subscription :white_check_mark:

Thanks Frank, appreciate the response!

Yeah, big fan of the podcasts. I listen to episodes over and over. I’m currently in the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot plan, but more specifically into week 10. Sorry about not including the week I’m in. It is also the intermediate level. I do subscribe to the coaching subscription as well. If this is question I should address specifically within the coaching subscription I can do so. I had a coach from 2019 and most of 2020, but I’m hesitant to go get another coach with 2021 racing season being up in the air. I have purchased two of the fascat gravel plans that will follow 18 weeks of sweet spot. My A gravel race in May is already canceled here in MN.

Thanks a ton Frank!

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Aha! Yes, ask this question in TrainingPeaks and as part of your every 4 week review that will be answered :muscle: