Balancing It All And Training Plan

Hey all! So in reading the forums and trying to FTFP I feel at a roadblock. I am just finishing the foundations plan to help get me back into training mode versus the 2020 F it mode we all found ourselves in. It has been great and was the perfect amount of riding. Was hoping to migrate to the weight training at home plan then move into sweet spot once that is done but am concerned since i don’t have squating equipment I will need to add in the Sweet Spot plans as @FRANK mentioned in a previous post.

My conundrum is that like most of us, my time is very very limited due to working & helping run my family’s business, having elementary aged kids in distance learning, two kids in sports which thank goodness they can still do, and all the other life items. I can ride up to 90 min a day on the trainer during the week and usually a max ride on a weekend of 3 hours outside or 2 hours inside on a weekend day.

I don’t want to fail to FTFP but also want to stretch myself a bit to get some long lost fitness back.

Would love some input. Thank you!

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Hi @pam.power - welcome to the Coalition and I hear ya, ‘the struggle is real’ this year.

1.5 hours 3 x’s per mid-week + a 3 and a 2 hour ride = 8.5 hours which works really well.

I suggest to get on a basic sweet spot plan which sometimes has less than 8 hours to give you some breathing room to be a Mom, Teacher, Family Biz - all that for a more balanced approach to your training for the next 2-3-4 months. More balanced = more FtFP’ing :muscle:

Then as (hopefully :crossed_fingers:) COVID improves, the kids go back to school and there’s less stress all around you could consider moving to an intermediate version. But you may be happy with the way you are riding at 4-8 hours training volume.

Hope that helps!


Thanks @FRANK! This is super helpful and I will def get on the plan.

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You’re a super mom Pam.
Keep up the hard work and that lost fitness will be found, no doubts! :muscle:t3::boom:

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Thanks Lacey, trying to just keep my head above water :slight_smile:

I also added in the weight loss meal plan and loved it and rolled it out to my whole family, who all including kids, love the meals. Thanks!

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Maybe getting on the bike is your life jacket? :wink:

I am stoked to hear that. We have had quite a few families inquire about the plan, so its awesome to know that we have families that are able to win in the kitchen together!