Behind In Fitness- Better Cram Approach?

I was surprised to get another entry into MidSouth this year. I finished last year and felt great, had been doing the 16 weeks of Sweet Spot plan and felt super strong in the last 20 miles.

Mid March is coming up quick and the Colorado Winter has been rough for getting in long rides unlike last year, so I’m just not where I need to be fitness wise with something like 10 weeks to go.

I’m utilizing the 16 weeks of Sweet Spot plan again, but honestly did not do my part of FTFP in December with holidays and travel. I need to start ramping up my CTL, but I just can’t do more than about 1.5 hours on the trainer. Should I add more sweet spot or just try to add more Zone 2 work when possible?

Hi Joel,

There is a limit to how much ‘intensity’ will even be effective in a given week but you will basically continue benefiting from as much endurance riding as you can recover from. I would suggest trying to add 1-2 hours each week until you hit the max hours your schedule will allow.

You can sneak in more time a few ways: Break up your long rides by doing 1.5 hours, taking a break and then getting back on for another hour. You could also just add a bit of easy endurance riding at the end of every workout day, i.e. just add an extra 10-15’ to every session.

Hopefully winter eases up soon and you can replace some trainer hours with longer rides outside!

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Thanks, I kind of thought more Zone 2 was probably the correct way to go. I am amazed at people who can pound out 4 or 5 hours on the trainer, my sit bones just won’t allow that.

Will focus on getting my sweet spot intervals in during the week and toughening up and getting in longer rides on the weekend. Thanks for the advice.

I’m with you on that, Joel.

However, if the trainer is your only option for the time being there’s tons of strategies to make the time go by faster and to be more comfortable:

  1. Break it up; hop off every hour.
  2. Lots of fans, water and snacks readily available.
  3. Break it up by standing for a minute every 10’.
  4. Add in some cadence drills.
  5. Get on Zwift with some buddies or find a TV series to binge.