FTFP and Trainer Time

Hey team! Just finished sweet spot part 1, only a minor ftp bump, but a bump none the less. Question about weekend rides and trainer. when we have quite a bit of horrible cold rain here in pprtland, do you do the same amount of.time.on the trainer as you would outside? Looking ahead at some 4 hour group rides and yeah that is beyond my mental capacity. Do you subtract some time when long rodes.are on the trainer? I have listened to some podcasts with world renowned coaches and they have likened an hour on the trainer to 90 or more minutes outside. Trying to make sure I ftfp and don’t burn out with so much trainer time.

And a side note, to minimoze.burn out tjoights.on coaching add on to help develop a plan that incorporates lifting or running? Running in the rain is so much better than riding IMO.


Hey Pam! This thread and this one touches on exactly that topic. Basically, we dont expect you to ride 4 hours indoors! For endurance rides you can do 90 min or so on the trainer and throw in a little tempo work to get a little higher TSS, but dont go all out. We dont want you to get burnt out, better to save the longer trainer rides for around the march timeframe when it will impact your racing more.

As far as coaching goes, you could do our monthly coaching subscription which will let you communicate with a coach once per month who would adjust your plan based on your time to train/goals, answer some of your key questions and would look at your power for a key workout and give you feedback on how to improve. For more detailed advice and more frequent communication you could also look to hire one of our coaches!

Thanks @Lacey_Rivette! I knew there has to be something I just couldn’t find it.

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@pam.power on a different note fellow PDX-er here who is on 18 weeks of sweet spot training. If you ever need a Zwift training partner especially for those longer weekend rides let me know.

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Sounds great @christianarca.